How Can I do this?

If you're interested in doing foster care you could contact your local foster care agency.


They'll be able to help you determine whether your state has an official Medical Treatment Foster Care program associated with a children's hospital which helps place medically fragile/terminal children.


Our family has been licensed for several years with a public agency and have cared for a number of foster children. Four babies/children have fit our personal profile of being hospice, but we stay busy providing a loving home to other children who also come across our path in need.

Adoption Information

Adopt Kids USA

How Much Does it Cost to Adopt a Baby?


"Although adoption can be a wonderful choice for expanding your family, it can be very expensive. If the cost of financing adoption expenses is an issue for you, compare adoption loans, as well as other financing methods."

The guide is titled Adoption Loans: Compare Low-Interest Options and you can see it here:

Safe Haven Laws

Safe haven laws are laws that allow any person statutorily defined by law, usually parents, to abandon an unharmed newborn baby at any location permitted by law.


There are thousands of families who would love to adopt a normal newborn.


Our family, as well as other families, are ready and willing and wanting to recieve babies with a life limiting prognosis or terminal diagnosis and love them for whatever time they have before they pass away.


Please click on the link below to the Safe Haven website to find phone numbers and more information


Baby Safe Haven



Years ago when I first began Hope After Loss Organization, or HALO, I was looking for a symbol for the program. I came upon the Willow Tree figurine called Angel's Embrace. I stepped behind a bookcase to contain my emotions.


The Bible says these children all have their own angels in Heaven who always behold the face of the Father. These babies are not lost. They may not be in our arms but they are held.


I will continue to care for however many little ones come across my path in need until it's time for them to go to the care of their own angel in Heaven and be perfectly whole and well.



When God Doesn't Fix it Right Away

Night after night during my journey through the valley of death, I found myself lying awake for hours while sleep eluded me. I was in despair and feeling that God had not answered my prayers.  


Through the long nights I found myself listening to John Piper's site, Desiring God. Over time I began to understand that God had a purpose in my suffering. Below are links I found helpful. 


John Piper's Site - Desiring God


A Song for the Suffering With John Piper


This song is also meaningful to me.

Blessings by Laura Story


Health Restored

The Integrative/Functional Medicine Approach in managing my autoimmune diseases has been the best way to keep me upright and living as well as possible.


By keeping my inflammatory factors at a dull roar instead of a raging fire I have a good quality of life and am able to care for others.


Cori Salchert Testimonial - IBS






I am not a professional and this is my opinion. Please do not take it as medical advice, thank you


The Salchert Family


Mark and I have been married for 31 years. We have 8 biological children, a son-in-law, two daughters-in-law, and have fostered/adopted 9 more children.


One of the goals of our website is to raise awareness of the need for foster/adoptive homes for children with a life-limiting prognosis or terminal diagnosis. Our desire is that there will not be any baby/child who dies alone or unloved.


Have you ever thought about how much you could change things by being brave and being willing to do this too? Are you able and willing to come alongside a child who needs your love and care for a brief season, for whom you can make all the difference between whether they have the opportunity to truly live before they die?


Like our family, you could give them a name, make sure they are known, missed, and best of all, loved.


Family Love


We at safehaven4babies are not professionals. We are just here, telling our story and trying to make people aware of the needs of babies with a terminal diagnosis or a life-limiting prognosis and of the Safe Haven Laws in all 50 States. Nothing we say should be taken as professional, legal or medical advice.


Want to know more about us and our ministry? Use our website to read about the work we have done so far and our plans for the future. If you have questions please feel free to email and our dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions you might have.


If you'd like to help support what our family is doing, our PayPal account is available. We are not a non-profit organization. We are a simple family trying to help kiddos live fully and we certainly appreciate any and all encouragement.


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